History of Air inflatable mattress: April 23, 2019 April 23, 2019 LakishaAumiller

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Here we will deal with the inflatable mattress, also known as an air mattress. It is a practical and comfortable product, especially useful for those who often go camping, or have guests at home frequently; being easy to assemble and not at all bulky when not in use. Many use it normally as a bed; let’s see what its features are.

The inflatable mattress: how does it work?

In one of our articles, we talked about the invention of the air mattress that dates back to the remote 1824. The first inflatable mattress was made by making the envelope itself impenetrable to the air. The mattress was then inflated to the desired rigidity. In essence, it was a large air chamber, on which sheets and blankets were then placed.

In almost 200 years of history, the technique of the inflatable mattress has not changed, the materials used, the methods of realization and inflation have evolved, but in substance, the product has remained the same. That is an air-impermeable shell that is inflated with a pump, electric or by hand, often included in the price if not integrated into the mattress itself. The number of inner tubes also changes, usually 2 for double sizes and one for single ones.

There are also self-inflating models; that take advantage of the vacuum inside them to inflate once the cap is removed from the valve that allows the air to enter to start inflation, which is then terminated with a pump. These particular models are usually not very thick and are used mostly on vacation or as a temporary solution; their thickness is about 3-5 centimeters, just to make the use as easy and fast as possible.

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