The various types of mattresses: April 23, 2019 April 23, 2019 LakishaAumiller

As you already know, mattresses can be made with different materials, and therefore you must try to understand which is the one that best fits your needs as well as your budget? The main types of mattresses to choose from are the following.

The memory foam mattress:

Memory foam is a material that is fashionable lately for very good reasons. Compared to the more traditional spring mattress, in fact, it guarantees excellent support to the back, welcoming all the curves of the body and distributing its weight over the entire surface.

Once you try a memory foam mattress, it’s hard to go back. Indeed, it often happens that after purchasing the memory mattress, most people decide to combine the mattress with a pillow of the same material.

The memory foam is ideal for those who prefer a fairly soft and soft mattress, which “welcomes” the body shaping itself to its shape to better absorb its weight.

The other beneficial effects of a memory foam mattress are due to the comfort deriving from the fact that it allows good air circulation, the relief from the pressure points of the body, to good support of the spine, to a reduced transfer of movements to the person next to us.

The spring mattress:

If your budget is very limited, you might prefer to focus on a classic product like a spring mattress.

In these cases, the questions that possible buyers ask themselves are: how many springs should a mattress have to be comfortable? What kind of springs should I choose?

The answer: a high number of reels means a softer mattress, but this is not an essential condition for all people. As it was said, everything depends on personal preferences.

When choosing a spring mattress, it is to choose one that has the tempered steel coils twice: sleep will be more comfortable, and the mattress will remain in good condition for longer.

The latex mattress:

Latex can be of natural origin, or it can be produced synthetically.

In both cases the latex is foam that shapes well around the shape of the body but, compared to memory foam, it offers the body a more “firm” support.

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